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    Calm for Christmas

"Coming back home to your natural, calm self"


A four week mind and body group programme to keep you calm, grounded and relaxed for the holiday season

Begins online Wednesday 30th November, 7pm

Is this course for you?

  • Do you struggle at Christmas time with feelings of anxiety, grief, sadness, loneliness?

  • Do you feel that whilst everyone else is enjoying themselves, you're left out in the cold?

  • Would you like to learn a set of inner-work tools that make you feel calm, grounded and relaxed as you go through the Christmas period and beyond?

  • Are you ready to commit to making changes to your inner world to change the way your outer world looks?

  • Are you courageous enough to take the small steps to begin a journey of health and healing?

  • Do you want to create a meaningful and enjoyable life with more love, joy and freedom?

What you'll receive from the course 

  • Four weeks of 60 - 90 minutes of interactive and experiential group work on the latest in somatic and psychological tools bringing more peace to your life

  • Tools, techniques, meditations and healing modalities that you'll take home to empower your own healing journey

  • Greater skill at regulating your own reactions and emotions to transform long held behaviours 

  • Feeling calmer and more at ease with yourself

  •  One free insight coaching session with me (worth £100)

  • An intimate and supportive group of people to move through the journey with

The four week journey

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Who's hosting this group

Jonathan Burton

I've been involved in the healing arts for over 20 years practicing various disciplines including yoga, meditation, tai-chi and qigong. After serendipitously finding a TRE (tension / trauma release) class in Thailand, it proved the catalyst for radical change, growth and a new purposeful direction in life.

Using TRE as a platform to dive into much needed trauma work, I faced my worst fears and found light at the end of the dark tunnel. This was the breakthrough that led to embracing many different healing modalities including men's work, plant medicine, shadow work and inner child healing. All these tools have supported my own hero's journey in overcoming crippling anxiety, embracing and healing from deep levels of shame and lack of true intimacy to become a profoundly happier, more fulfilled and more purposeful human being.

As a coach, men’s group facilitator and body worker, I love to share my gifts to support other people in finding their best selves to co-create the brilliant, loving World we all want to live in.

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Cost and how to register

The cost for the four week programme is £150.

Please contact me on the button below or email me at to register your interest

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